Excel IBIPTool Brings an Easy and comfortable Way to upload date from Excel to SAP By using Excel templates it is easy to perform massive changes for most of the SAP transactions.
This was proven to improves accuracy of the SAP data which supports better data analysis and data based decisions making further on .

You can execute PM master data ,Journal entries, create QM notification, maintain HR records and more.

The Tool uses the 3 steps method : Record , Map fields and run .

The tool use IBIP trasnaction which is easy to use and has additional functionlities throw in like: step by step run, Schedule backgroung jobs and log maintian in one place - transaction IBIPA

The IBIP transaction is supported at S4 HANA .

Experience a live customized demo, get answers to your specific questions, and find out why IBIPTool is the right choice for your organization.

  • Run Log is kept in transaction IBIPA
  • Authorization - NO RFC authorization is required
  • Manage Excel based templates for each process
  • Mapping – no need for special BDC editing – simply delete non required columns
  • Add local description and comment in the field level to each template
  • Use background and schedule task using SAP IBIP transaction

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The tool included SAP PM multi-structures non recording automated solution based on the SAP IBIP transaction supports plant maintenance data migration.

Excel IBIP Tool – Easy upload PM master data

SAP offers the use of IBIP supported PM objects from within LSMW to support data transfer or ABAP development to create the IBIP required formats for data migration projects or massive data update
This abstract demonstrate excel based tool which utilize IBIP Functionality from office excel comfortable user interface and support massive data include pre load test and step by step functionalities.

Option 1 – Flat files – IBIP Tool flat generates from excel flat files(*.txt) that matches to the IBIP structures and hierarchy ready to upload using IBIP transaction

Option 2 – RFC: Connect to SAP (using CCo Connector) using IBIP Function Module and contain at the following functionalities
– Test Run before upload
– Debug Test (Step by Step option)

Option 1 – Flat Files upload to IBIP transaction

step 1 – Create Excel Template


screenshot tool

screenshot tool

Double click to slect the IBIPSTAT structure which holds the user status data



ibip tool


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Simplified and efficient integration of SAP and MS Excel

SY-BRIGHT LTD in-house developed house IBIP Tool enables to run business transaction in SAP.
it accelerates the users work and increases productivity.

The data are processed with a user friendly MS excel interface which significantly improves work and reduces the possibility of errors when transferring information

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